Friday, March 26, 2010

Pour Commencer

Bon, Je m’appelle Naoma. (My name is Naoma, hehe) to introduce myself I am one of the biggest contradictions you probably could imagine. I am half Mexican half American. I do not look at all Mexican but within myself I am more Mexican than American. I was born and practically raised in México and moved to the boring state of Oklahoma Dec. of ’05. After getting some stuff sorted out I was accepted at the University of Central Oklahoma where I have been studying for the past 4-years of my life. I started out as a graphic design major, then I was a photographic arts major, and I finally have realized my true passion in life: Languages, travel, cultures. So I am a French major. Yes, learning my third language now. As I said contradiction a Mexican that looks American going to college in the states pursuing a degree in French. I don’t think this blog will get any more confusing. I hope. Yet, I didn’t make this blog to go on about my history rather than to talk about my FUTURE.
On y va! Only 82-days left before my adventure truly begins. In 82-days I will take 2 planes to Madrid, España. Pili and I will be going to her Island to spend time with her family and friends for a whole month. And off to Madrid for a few days and then Barcelona for another few days with some of her friends finally we will go to Amsterdam and then she will return to the U.S. of A. and I will remain in Europe. The plan is to go for one semester, hopefully a year, to the Universite de Picardie Jules Verne, which is in Amiens. Amiens, is the capital of the Picardie région in France. I will finally be fluent in French!!!!!! Woot!
The scary thing is, is that my French level is about a high intermediate low advanced and I will be going to a Universite en Francais!!! I hope I don’t fail. I won’t be blogging too often before I leave just to give a bit more of info before I leave. But once I get there.. don’t you worry. Pictures a galore.

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  1. hello friend! love this idea, love the look, love you! the end.