Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 17

Something I regret? When you are asked this question many things spring to mind.. many important and many things that I wished I had just handled in a different manner. However, I lead a very content life.. I don't believe people should have regrets, mistakes and experiences make up your life.. sure some of them bad mistakes some of them turn out to be good; same goes for experiences.

I truly believe that I don't have any regrets in life, which I am very happy for. But if there is one huge regret that one could have.. it would be to not seize the opportunities as they come. When you had a chance to do something, to tell someone something, to be there for someone, to interview for a job, to apply for a scholarship, to buy that plane ticket, to have spent more time with your family or friends, etc.. now those are the things that are real 'REGRETS'.

I regret not taking the advantage to spend more time with my friends and family before leaving for Europe. I was so enticed with the excitement of exploration that I just left them hanging and didn't notice how much I would actually miss them now. Before jumping on that plane across the atlantic... I thought "Oh! I won't get homesick... sure I'll miss them but it won't be unbearable." Now look at me, I love being here and love this experience and I whole heartedly believe that I have taken this experience and have gone above and beyond. However, I have been home sick.. I do miss them more than I thought I would. I regret not wanting to spend more time with you and for being my usual self and needing my 'space.' I regret not telling my family that I love them every moment that I could. I regret not getting those shifts covered to spend important days with you. I regret choosing things over you.. I regret not being the best daughter/niece/friend/girlfriend/aunt/grandchild I know that I can be. I guess, I get caught up in being the best I possibly can be at work or school or extra curricular activities but not in the things that really matter. I'm sorry.

Yet, I know that when I go back I will appreciate everybody so much more.. on a much deeper level than they can imagine.. why? Because, I was the one that choose to leave, not you. I'm mainly the one paying for the consequences.

I can't wait to go back.. but I also am going to miss this so much... TOO MUCH.

If you wanna know what being an "Erasmus" student [a.k.a. my life now] this is the perfect movie. I just need the apartment with all my friends.. but this is truly what it is!

Watch it and you will understand.

don't regret anything, it's life... Do Something!


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