Saturday, July 10, 2010


Well my dears I have taken my damn sweet time this once. I have been up and down, in the water around volcanos, dancing sitting, everything! It is currently 5:13a.m. and just got home about 15 mins ago so this is the PERFECT time for me to post a blog about my adventure to the volcano!

We went this last sunday, it was a really long drive but beautiful and full of fun people! We stopped to buy some empanadillas, some croquetas, and a home made spanish tortilla that Sarah made that looked similar to this.

 The Teide (Volcano) with the ocean of clouds. (Under the clouds is where the city is, so you know how high up we were!)
Different types of rock/sand

Lizards are very common here, this was a colony of one and this picture is Maria feeding one.

They're being attacked.. Oh No!

Sexy time! 

A straight line, where they supposedly film a lot of car commercials! 


This background actually used to be on the back of the Mil Pesetas

Quite beautiful! 


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