Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer's almost over!

     With summer coming to an end my family and I have been enjoying the sun, whether it be by taking long walks around the village, biking, or having a B.B.Q with all the neighbors. I am getting a bit sadder as time approaches because it means that soon enough I will be in France. Even though I will be facing my fears and my  dreams, all in one! I am sad to go buy excited to leave, I know that doesn't make much sense. Yet, I have enjoyed this summer so very much!    
It has been grand! That's why I am here to share with you my pictures of Switzerland these past two days. 

       However, before I load those puppies up here I must say:"I have never faced a greater fear than this and a great reward that comes along with it. I am looking forward to building my entire life up again from scratch, such as: getting a new cellphone, finding my place to stay, making new friends, staying in contact with old ones, getting used to a brand new city (that if I might add, I have never been to before!), experiencing fully a new culture, grasping the language, and of course finally getting my dream come true!So, I just have to say to those of you who have always believed in me... Thank you!"

Now here are the promised pics ;) 


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