Monday, August 23, 2010

Ten's the list!

     A few things that are definitely missed, in no particular order. ;) 

[One]-Sonic drink's. I don't care what you say, they can make thousands and thousands of different creations of drinks and they are so huge and delicious! 

[Two]-My best friend in the world, Breah! It's hard to be without your best friend for two months, especially when you have been inseparable for the past four years! She's always been there for me and has always supported this crazy idea of mine to run away! 

Three]-The man that has stuck next to me through thick and thin, Harrison. The guy who has always believed in me and we  always seem to have such fun together even if it's just doing our homework together. Thanks for always supporting me and giving me the peace of mind that you always got my back!

[Four]-My family! I know this has been super hard for them to go through but they always believed I would make my dreams come true. They mean the world to me ;) 

[Five]-Ice. Can you believe that Ice is considered a "Delicacy" here! I miss having my beverages freezing but I guess it's just a matter of "adaptation" 

[Six]-All my things, I brought one carryon bag and my big purse and that was about it! I left books, jewelry, finger nail polish, clothes, shoes (oh! I miss the shoes most of all!) and my accessories all behind :(

[Seven]-After devoting four hard, long, working years of my life to Starbucks you would think that you would never want to see the place again, well wrong! I miss it, I miss my half passion, half green unsweetened Iced tea. I miss seeing all my co-workers, I miss baring for DT in the mornings and just seeing milk fly and espresso fly and still keeping calm. But, the thing I miss most of all is doing the "Siren's Eye" where you take everything off the shelves and put up all the new merch. But not just any siren's eye. I miss the Christmas one! Staying there 'til 2 a.m. and feeling like you are bathed in glitter. I just love it. It became a Christmas tradition to me, and now it will never happen again. 

[Eight]-Every single crazy idea Breah & I came up with around 11 p.m. Our random rituals, such as wig parties, going to the Boom for "Trashy Thursday" (Drag queen shows), and the night we drove to the Texan boarder to take a picture with the sign saying  "Welcome to Texas" 

[Nine]-Bubble tea! They are so refreshing. My favorite was grape from Tao Cafe with 'boba'. So those of you still enjoying your bubble teas, you better toast to me! Just jk. 

[Ten]-Last but not least. I miss knowing whats going on around me. It has never been hard for me to pick up a language but being surrounded by German is not too easy. I have learned a few words and sentences though ;) 

Overall it has been amazing so far. Even though I miss my ice and my sonic dranks, I would not exchange this experience for anything! 


p.s. I miss my crazy spanish friend Pili too! ;) (Pa'que no te sientas no amada!)


  1. oh Hi!! I miss you too..and I'll have a boba tea in your name. ;) I wish I was there.

  2. This is Breah btw. i dont know why i left the comment as anonymous....i hate computers. Love ya!

  3. P.S. bitch, I want copies of the pics from our wig parties. :)

  4. I agree with best friends and the man who sticks with you. Nothing like them in the world.

  5. You totally sounds like someone I would want to be friends with. Love it!! I'll come back and visit for sure..and you and Breah sound like you'd be a hoot to be around!! I have a BFF like that...but I can honestly say we've never done a wig party... bff just got back from a month in France and she said the same thing about's hard to come by.

  6. Oops...seems I posted a link to YOUR own blog when I meant to post a link to mine. Sheesh. Let me try that again.