Saturday, September 18, 2010

French Bank Account!

Well other than trying to survive the french language barrier and understanding how to find my classes and figuring out the French Education System... I have been busy trying to get a French Bank Account open so that I might be able to receive the C.A.F, which is the French Education Aid for students not living with their parents. 

However, the French system loves to make everything complicated. Between all the piles and piles of paper work that are needed and the people making your life extremely hard you finally manage to get an account. Here are some of the steps::

[one] Go to the bank and make a 'Date' to open your account. Unlike the United States of America, here you make dates! Ridiculous! 

[two] A Certificat de Scolarité, which is a piece of paper that says that you are actually enrolled in a French University.

[three] An Atesttation Certificat, which states that you are actually living in a C.R.O.U.S Dorm. Well for me to get this piece of paper I had to wait on the lady in the Secretariat of my own dorm for at least 40 minutes! 

Finally after getting a date for today we took the bus at 3 p.m or french way [15 heures], I'm starting to get used to military time by the way, and off we were off to Societ√© General. As soon as we arrived we were helped, that was amazing! As soon as all four of us sit down the lady super rude asks us if we were only opening the bank account to receive the C.A.F. because if we were well we would have no bank account. Weird, in Oklahoma when you walk into a bank to open an account, they don't even care for the reasons why you want the account, they're just happy that you are willing to be a customer. Anyway after waiting and trying to understand this ladies fast french, 40 minutes later we walked out with a bank account! 

Thank God!!!

Well, pictures to come, I promise! 


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