Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 18

First of all! This is my 100th post! I can't believe it! I have truly tried to stick to this whole blogging thing and be very disciplined but it isn't so easy running around with friends, school and other stuff to actually sit down and write all this... but I love to do it. Thanks for reading guys.. I am very happy you like my blog and if you don't well... it's cool, I guess. haha.


Anyway, three good things that have happened to me within the past month...
Well, one would have to be this awesome night that I spent with J. We walked around 'Centre Ville' looking for shoes... then we decided to get some wine and some snacks to watch a movie and then go out to a Spanish Tapas bar. The wine was amazing and we watched Toy Story 3 with Russian signs, instead of in English. Quite bizarre. Then the Spanish Bar.. which was De-vine! We shared 5 tapas and had a lovely tartin with a liter and a half of Sangria...

Another thing that has happend, is A's birthday! He turned 21 and there were 12 people in 9 squared meters! Crazy! We talked, laughed, joked, drank, watched videos, and sang. It was so much fun.. I am so lucky to have such amazing friends :)

I received wonderful news not too long ago that maybe, perhaps, if all goes well, my best friend might come and visit me here, in France. I hope that happens! I think it will be amazing. I can't wait to show her around Paris and Amiens and introduce her to all the crazy people I have met here! It will be great fun!

Three things I'm looking forward within the next month.

A special soirée with close friends on Monday, that's how I'm spending 'Single Awareness Day' haha.. it will be fun.

I'm especially looking forward to a trip to Bordeaux. I hope I am able to bike through some vineyards or along a country road and just go and explore and take tons of pictures!

And last but not least, This weekend.. I am so looking forward to it. Paris! You never run out of things to do in Paris and I can't wait to send time there with friends and explore more of this beautiful city.
"If you are sick of Paris, you are sick of everything."

What are you looking forward to? And, what has been amazing these past months for you?

I can't wait to see what more adventures will come along!


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