Friday, February 11, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 19

Ohh so close with finishing this blog challenge. I'm glad I've done this... I believe it has really helped me make my blog more well rounded, if that makes any sense.

Today, I am supposed to post a 'talent' I possess. This is quite hard to really pinpoint or choose a talent that you think you have but you know you aren't really that great at it.
Like I could say photography, and show you some fancy pictures but I know that my pictures aren't that great in the massive scheme of things. Or I could say writing, but I can see all my gramatical errors; I also know that people have better writing skills than I do.

I know there will always be someone that is better at me in anything I do.. but I think what makes us special is that we have little bits and pieces of talents all combined into one. so sure, there are plenty of people that can take better pictures than I can.. but can they almost speak 3 languages? Can they talk about politics? are they even remotely interesting? A writer can be an interesting person.. but sometimes they just write things that they create in their mind rather than actually leading that interesting life. These are just suggestions, I do not know. I'm not really good friends with a writer so how would I know, plus its hard to generalize if I did only know one.

I would have to say a good talent that I have; would be 'reading people' to an extent. I have noticed this recently; now that I hangout with a bigger crowd with people from all over the world. Sometimes my judgments are wrong but, sometimes they are dead on. I can tell if someone will be a jerk or if they will be cool or if you can't fully trust them just from having an insignificant conversation with them. Now, I try not to judge on the first impression... but the first impression is so important.. it's hard not to judge. I need to work on not letting that judgment get in the way of getting to know them; because you never know.. I could be wrong.. as I have been wrong before. I am willing to accept the fact that I am not perfect, because no one is. I am willing to accept my errors and apologize if need be.

Talents are a funny thing. Many people claim them but not many people have them.. or at least to the extent that they believe they have them.

maybe Im wrong.. who knows.


Paris cette weekend. [Paris this weekend!] I am super excited! Vintage shopping here I come, pictures will be up after this weekend. 

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