Monday, February 14, 2011


After my daily coffee, and running a few errands I am here to recount my weekend. This past weekend I spent it in the city of lights or as others may refer to as the city of love. I will only be cheesy because it is Valentine's Day after all.

As most of my adventures they start off on the wrong foot. Three out of the six of us ran late for the train to  Paris and we had to wait an hour before the next one. Which wasn't so bad because we all went to get a coffee and relax before going out on our massive adventure!

Once we arrived in Paris, we went straight to our Hotel to claim rooms, leave our stuff, etc. After this we all split up in to groups. E & I went to Le Marais where we were looking for Vintage clothing stores. We found some, but we pretty much just went in circles. Then it started to rain, my umbrella retired that day. I found a beautiful, silky red with pink polk a dots skirt for only ... I'm not gonna say!

We finally met up with the boys in a little café, which was infront of the Cirque d'Hiver. We all had a wine/beer/café and made our way up to the Fondue Place in Montmartre. "Les Refuges des Fondues" [Now, this place deserves a whole blog post about itself.] We waited for an hour in line, was completely worth it, we ate our little hearts out. Then we went to Sacré Coeur and saw the entirety of Paris just at our finger tips. Breath taking.

The next day, we woke up really late. I was quite proud of myself though. I woke up for breakfast then went back to bed! :) Who does that!? We all finally got out of the hotel by noon and went to Trocadero where we saw La Tour Eiffel! Still as breath taking as the first time I saw it. We walked down and took a boat ride. Went to lunch all together. I had an amazing Boeuf Bourguignon with a wonderful red wine to accompany it. We split up once more.

A, E & I went to Le Jardin Luxembourg. It was cold but it was still nice to walk around and talk. Take it easy on a Sunday afternoon in Paris. We went to a café and called everyone up saying that it was time to go home. We all met at gare du nord about 19h and took the train back. We were all beat!

Paris always amazes me. It never tires me.

"If you are tired of Paris, you are tired of everything."


P.S. Stick around I will do some posts of pictures, and the things I've learned in Paris.

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  1. I think your trip sounds incredible! Can't wait for pics :)