Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Hello my dears,

I'm happy to say [and sad] that I am back from Bordeaux. It was such a lovely trip full of knowledge, wanderings, car renting, mini road trips, wine, coffee, and a latin food restaurant. Could it have been better? Yes, by making it longer!

H & I arrived in Bordeaux on a sunny thursday afternoon and walked around town about an hour with all our luggage trying to find our hotel.. finally found it on one of the smallest/most ghetto streets in Bordeaux. The hotel wasn't too bad... We walked about the city center and came up to the river and saw it all lit up at night and walked across the massive bridge. It truly was breath taking. I wish I could be living in a little charming town like this. I loved the labyrinth like streets, the cobble stones, the out door patios, the bikes, vespas, etc.

On Saturday we took a bus tour to two vineyards where we learned about making wine and had a few tastings. We had a chance to see the great "Chateaux" of all the vineyards. I really learned a lot about the processes and the pure knowledge of this skill that is taken back centuries.

more about our trip tomorrow, and pictures will be up soon. I promise.


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