Thursday, July 28, 2011

Journal Entry no. 6

July 17th, 2011.

Last night was fun! A & I went to a Fête de la Bastille pot luck. It was a lot of fun… Then I had a mini house warming party, which was really nice just between close friends and good drinks and fun games.

Well, it seems things are finally falling back into place. I got my transcript from France… all A’s & B’s! Woot! I was finally accepted into the Design program at UCO, so once courses open up I will be enrolled. I also got my insurance for my car… big step! I also took a test with the career services at UCO and turns out I’m supposed to be a Medical Technician. [Those of you who know me personally will find this hilarious.] I am probably the last person in the world you want around your medical records or sticking needles into you. Trust me on this one; it is not a talent of mine. I believe the test lies! Every other time I’ve taken this test it says I’m supposed to be a Psychologist; also a hilarious option. I guess things will be ‘clear’ once I see my counselor on Monday. 

[It's probably not a good idea to finish a blog post with the following sentence: "I guess things will be 'clear' once I see my counselor on Monday." - but this isn't like every other blog is it?]

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  1. Oh, man. I snorted because I laughed so hard about that UCO career services exam. That was so not you at all!!!