Sunday, March 28, 2010


All I can think about is that in 80-days I will be off on a European Adventure! My co-worker Sam is now thinking about heading to France too!!! Yay! Sad news is that she will be going to a different part of France than I will be. I am getting so distracted by this whole thing that I'm not doing homework, I don't care about school, etc. I just want to have a huge garage sale, sell everything, pack up some stuff and jump on a plane. This obsession will be complete once I arrive on european territory once more. For those of you who have traveled to Paris and seen the Notre Dame. You know how there is that little circle that says all roads lead to this? They say that if you step on it you will come back to Paris.

 Well when I went to Paris last summer, you best believe I sat on that thing, and now I am actually going to go live there... (sigh)


I'll also leave you a little picture of my new best friend : Monsieur Clementine. Just so you know how obsessed I am now!  Hehe, I get bored at work.

À tout à l'heure! 

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