Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reminiscing... *good times*

So my fellow bloggers tonight after a few drinks with some old friends, co-workers, etc, we started talking about books, games, travel, typical conversation topics if you know me. On the drive home (20-minutes) I started thinking of all the great adventures I've had in the past 4-years of my life within the United States, all the places I've been that have been pretty unforgettable. The people I've gone with and how we have gotten to know one another.

Let me share with you some of my trips since I moved to Oklahoma:

*San Destin, Florida (I had a pretty wretched camera back in the day.) - Taken June '06

*Burlington, VT (same old camera) - Taken November '06

*Montreal, Canada. Taken November '06

I went to Austin for a week to visit my cousin Shasta, however, I can't find any pictures at this moment so I promise I will post some from that trip later.
My friend Carlos in a little restaurant having some lunch before heading out for Adventure!

*Monterrey, Mexico (Take by my friend Carlos June '07) -- And yes, that's my hometown.

*San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico (The place I grew up.) -- Taken December '08 **You can tell I was getting a bit better with my Photography skills.

*Pyramids of Teotihuacán (outside of Mexico city) - December '08

*London, England (Taken June '09)

*Brussels, Belgium (Taken June '09)

*Hiedelberg, Germany (June '09)

*Lucerne, Switzerland (June '09)

*Paris, France (June '09)

*Berne, Switzerland (June '09)

*Rome, Italy (June '09)

*Firenze, Italy (June '09)

*Washington D.C. (October '09)

*New York City (October '09)

And, that was the last trip I took. Crazy. Who would have known. Anyway this is just a little preview. I will soon be blogging about each place and story to ignite the trip giddies that are starting to build up to go back to Europe!

If I have one thing to say about life... who cares about the money, the fancy house, the best car. Go out and travel and meet people. Never ever think that just because you are out of college that you need to put knowledge aside. GO OUT THERE. It's beautiful. Too bad OKC is so sucky. But I'll be out soon.

Love you all bloggies :D


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  1. I love your pictures, they're so pretty. The ones with the "old camera" do not even look that bad either. You just have the "it" thing that captures a good shot no matter what :P