Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Le Printemps::

After hibernating in my house for the past 6 months due to the cold, I am now able to bust out those shorts and put on whichever shoes to fit my desires and finally bask in some sunlight. Yet, with this colorful season upon us one feels the need to do a little cleaning and fixing around the house. Work in the little flowerbed one has and start leaving the windows open while one cooks. I am in love with spring, maybe it's just because it has been a pretty hard winter, or maybe because I also find that in my life right now it is spring. I feel my self blooming and needing a little extra work around the edges. I feel I have a lot to prepare for this trip coming up and that I should get my photography skills in tune and start exercising outside so I can get used to walking everywhere since my little old baby (car) will be sold soon and I will have no means of transportation other than the two feet I have. It's a time to start planning tea dates outside, picnics, and photo days... Let school be over with so we can enjoy life and not be cooped up in these educational walls that we find ourselves in.

I'll leave with an image of a flower.. it's a bit different but so am I.

À tout à l'heure

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