Saturday, May 1, 2010

Time goes by so slowly!

Forty-Seven days until my departure! As the time approaches I can’t help but think of last year around this time just a few days before my first trip to Europe. Ever! I remember visiting travel shops and making lists of things to pack and things to do before leaving for my Trans-Atlantic journey. However, now…  I am so nervous… there is so many things I have to do… like put all my furniture in storage, sell my car, pack, make reservations for a hostel in Amsterdam, check with financial aid, find a place to live in France!!! (That one is kind of important) I still have to go to Houston to get my visa settled…. and I haven’t even started packing for 9 months… what does one pack? It’s crazy how much stuff one collects over the years… millions of books, movies, CD’s, clothes, jewelry, shoes, scarves, must I go on? It will be so weird having pretty much none of my treasures along with me… but I have come to accept that it will be a good thing. Start off with a clean slate and see what life gives you and where it takes you. I know this journey across the Atlantic all by myself is very scary to think about but it’s time to be shoved out into the real world and see what you are actually made of!

Between excitement and rushing around to get stuff done there is a sense of nostalgia here and there because I’m not going to have my family around me or my best friends around Christmas and my birthday… I’ll be surrounded by French people and as excited as I am about that when am I going to get the time to spend time with a friend sipping on Hot Cocoa watching “A Christmas Carol” and wrapping presents for loved ones and creating stockings for my roommate… I think that will be the hardest part is leaving some of my favorite people that I have grown so fond of and of great friends that are irreplaceable. It’s going to be hard! 

Another thing that I have noticed that is happening is now that it is decided that I am leaving... everything cool is happening... such as Oklahoma getting a Whole Foods!! What! Anthropologie coming to OKC. The French Cookbook and Paris Cinema classes starting up.. and now it's time for me to go away... well I leave you with a picture of my Boyfriend and I after we went to the Art's Festival. 

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