Sunday, April 18, 2010

Almost there!

Alors, I have been distant but that is all about to change. This weekend has been one of the most wretched times at work but I'm over it. I'm trying to have an optimistic view right now because there is only 2-weeks until school is over... WOOT WOOT!!! Also, I have my visa stuff all together and an appointment to see the French Consulate to see if they will grant me with my visa to live in France for the next semester!!! I am so ready.. can you tell?

Another amazing thing is that after my semester in France I will be graduated! And off into "Real Life" I go.. kind of scary but I'm excited! =D 

These are just a few of my books from my Travel Book Collection.. yes, that's when you know you want to get the heck out of the U S of A!

 Bien mes amis, I will be checking in sometime either tomorrow or tuesday to give you an update.


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