Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beach part 3

So we went back to the beach that took the long winding road where Pili (who has vertigo) almost threw up out the window, but all is well. I got some better pictures this time.. as promised! ;)

The fog going to the tip top of the mountain

The view!!!

 Pili getting vertigo!! Obviously!

 Parachuters landing on the beach!

 Do you see them sailing in the background?
 Smooth Landing!

The beach stopped for a moment to watch!

 Not so graceful! He looks like a squished bug!

 Leaving at sunset!
It looks like a sea lion on the beach. You see it?

More to come.. stay tuned!

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  1. Me ha gustado pasar por tu blog, espero disfrutes de las Islas Canarias, saludos!!