Saturday, June 26, 2010

Beach time!

So far now, I have seen 3 beaches on this island. Yesterday we went to this one and I am kicking myself for being such a scaredy cat and not taking the camera on our "excursion" but anyway. I promised myself I would take more pictures! I don't know why I am being so bad about it. I normally can't stop taking pictures. Well, anyway... yesterday!

We went to a beach which was like 30 min away from home and climed down this hill to get to the black sanded beach. It was really windy but we found these barriers of rocks to protect against the wind (as you will see in the background of the picture down bellow. 

Since it was so windy there were a lot of waves, which was so much fun. The water was freezing... but it felt so good in the heat. We spent some time jumping waves... riding waves with our body or simply ducking. 

Before we left, we went on this excursion to see the "Love Rock" (that's what I am calling it) It was this massive rock that was slick and people could camp on it... it was full of hearts and love notes that probably took a long time to carve into the stone. It was a breathtaking view. I wish I would have taken the damn camera. 
Anyway... going to the beach again today... so, there will be pictures to come. 

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