Saturday, July 24, 2010


Okay, well I haven't had internet for the passed week so there will be quite a few updates of photos and random things about the 3 cities I have visited in the last week.

Madrid  #1

The view from the Museum "Reina Sofia" - Modern

One of the best Dali painting! 

Can anyone say Picasso? 

Paul and I 

Paul and Pili

Pili at the Airport

Lying in the grass in front of the Museo Del Prado.

Pili having fun in the Retiro!

Beautiful house in El Retiro! 

Smiling in the Metro!

Beautifully Abstract - Reina Sofia

Puerta de Alcala

In El Retiro at night.

It was bloody hot in Madrid, Pili and I thought we were about to Pass out! The metros are a lot nicer than in Paris, but mainly because of the A/C. Once we arrived in Madrid, the Metro was on a strike so it took like 15 min for each metro to pass. Pili and I got to see some friends, which was very nice to catch up and what not. Madrid was beautiful! 


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