Sunday, August 29, 2010


My feet are ready to explore!

Sam & the Jet d'eau!


I think they stripped this pretty good!

   As we wake up the following day from Razor Scooter day, we hop on a train and off we go to Genève! If you have never been there... you need to GO! It is so beautiful and there is this huge fountain "Jet d'eau" that is as high as a 7-story building, no joke! Sam & I rented bikes and rode around the lake and into the winding paths of an enchanted park! We found a great little pizzeria where Sam tried to order "Limonade" (add french accent on that) and the waitress had no idea what a "Limonade" was so she took Sam to the bar and let her choose her own drink. ;) 

After lunch we decided to go back for the bikes and return them.. only problem was... was that it was starting to rain so we were bookin' it to not get soaked plus we wanted to do some shopping before returning home! Let me just say: "Biking among tourists, pedestrians, buses, trams, taxis, cars, other bikes, little kids, strollers, and dogs is not easy!" 

We ended that night with a mini fashion show where Sam showed me everything she had brought and I had to be pretty stern for her to get rid of stuff so she could have [one] bag not [TWO]! 

Overall great day ;) 


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