Friday, August 27, 2010

      So there has been blogging delays for reasons that will be explained in the following days. After Sam arrived we decided to go the next day to Niederhorn mountain and RAZOR SCOOTER. We woke up in the later morning because someone had Jet Lag and off we went on the train to Thun and then on the bus to Niederhorn and then on a trolly up the mountain and then on a gondola still further up the mountain, then we razor scootered down, and finally we took a boat on Lake Thun! It was amazing and here are some pictures from that day! ;) Enjoy! 

Yes, the water is that blue!

That was soo delicious and it was all gobbled!


Little Swiss Chalets! 

That's Neiderhorn! We went down that on a RAZOR SCOOTER (which took 3 hours) 

I'm on a boat...


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