Saturday, September 11, 2010

Amiens... ma ville!

Alors! What can I say? I have been here barely a week & love it! Any how I am terribly sorry for not being up to date on my blog as I had been doing so good. Well let me just say my top 5 favorite things here::

[One] The People I have met

[Two] It's FRANCE!

[Three] I love being able to walk around the corner and eat a just out of the oven baguette!

[Four] The Cathedral here is INCREDIBLE!!!!

[Five] I love feeling alive again! 

Now, I haven't been taking pictures because I was scared of taking my big camera around but here are a few images I managed to steal!! ;) 

Now, let me tell you a bit more about how I managed to make such good friends and let the social butterfly in me expand it's wings! 

I arrived here terrified to death and knowing I was really alone! I had no family here or people I was staying with.. not one friend! Well, I knew once I had settled in that I needed to go to the International Office and enroll and see what was going on! I still don't really know exactly what is going on but I guess we are all in the same boat! 

So once in the International office I'm sitting at a table filling out my paper work and the french lady rattled something off in very fast french and I was terrified, thank God the girl next to me with her mother were speaking Spanish!! SAFE!!! Well, next thing I know is, is that I am asking her exactly what needed to be done and she explained and we started talking on the whole subject "Ohh!! Where are you from? How do you speak Spanish?" etc. Well, we had orientation the next morning at 9:30 a.m. and she said she would meet me at school so we could hang out! SCORE! One friend

Next day at orientation, we are a big group of International Students, I would say about 70! We all had to introduce ourselves. Well, we found other spanish people! So that is how we became the group of Spanish! Vicente, Yeli, Veronica, Elena & I! We became unseprable! Well we were semi-seperated because of our Intensive French courses.. but that's ok! 

Well, slowly I started realizing, "You know what, these people are just as terrified as I am so they are more susceptible to making friends just as I am!" So that was the moment my Social Butterfly Wings spread! I talked to anyone about anything! Now I get along with so many people and I love it! Now, I know these people are all foreigners like me and that I need to make French friends, and I will. Easily

I love being surrounded by all these different cultures, languages, people, and where French is the common language that we all have to speak to understand eachother! 

All I have left to say is, if you ever have an opportunity to do something this crazy and this terrifying.. it is always worth the reward! ;) 

And I will leave you with this video that a friend sent to me, Thnx Mikey

Thanks to all for reading my thoughts and following me here!



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