Monday, September 13, 2010

De plus en plus!

Little by little I am growing more accustomed to my new city!  Which makes me happy. My little 9 meter by 9 meter room is starting to say “Naoma” with books on shelves and my eclectic jewelry strewn about, my closet is starting to get more in order and becoming like a fall/winter collection for the colder north that I didn’t expect. Sad news, it’s windy here but not as bad as Oklahoma so it’s like a little reminder of Oklahoma!

Sam & I had a mini rendez-vouz in Paris this Saturday to buy some needed things such as sweaters and jackets because it is freezing here!! Well anyway that night we came back to Amiens, since it is only an hour away. We got to the Gare du Nord (trainstation) and we were 30 minutes early for our train (that’s a first!) but I saw that a train for Amiens was leaving in 5 min. So I went up to the help desk and asked if our tickets would be valid for this train and the Monsieur said yes, but not much difference because I would only arrive 20 min earlier. I was pretty anxious to just get home & have Sam meet my new friends! So we rush on to the train & we get in the train and we are walking through like 3 carts and most of the seats are full so I tell Sam we should get off and walk down the platform to get to a cart towards the end. As I get off & Sam still on the train the doors close, it was like a slow motion movie of losing ones lover (like the scene in Titanic when Rose lets Jack drown into the Atlantic and it’s like a 5 minute scene of him falling to oblivion) well that happened to us!!! Yes Sam on a train to Amiens & me stuck on a platform having to wait 30 minutes for the next train!

Well after an hour and a half, Sam & I are reunited! We walk from the train station to my dorms because it’s only like a 15-minute walk & Sam got to see the Cathedral all lit up with the colors of how it used to be painted! GORGEOUS!  I’m going tonight to take some beautiful pictures of that for sure!

Anyway, yesterday morning I was walking with Sam so she could meet up with her long lost friend Francois, as I was walking back I was encountered with the most wonderful feeling in the world! Some elderly French couple, obviously tourists, asked me where the Cathedral was and I managed to tell them exactly how to get there in my broken French. They thanked me and didn’t even try to speak to me in English or Spanish for that fact. I felt delighted!


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