Wednesday, September 29, 2010


As I have had to deal a bit with homesickness & missing everybody back home I have found a great way to cope. I cope with all my new international friends! We run around the town exploring. I have started to construct my life quite well here. I have found a little volunteer job as an English teacher for a little group of middle school children at a school called La Providence! I am currently on the hunt for a job as an English teacher, tutor or in Spanish.

I remember before leaving the USA, I was very nervous that I wasn’t going to make friends and that I wasn’t going to get the hang of living entirely by myself in a completely foreign country. Now, people tell me to shut up at parties because I talk too much [well, that’s exaggerating] I feel my French has improved more in this month being here than it had in all those years of school.

This experience has made me branch out of my comfort zone for sure. My friends are all so different and varied that I feel extremely well rounded. My good friends are Electric engineers, economists, translators, lawyers, etc. I never thought I would be able to socialize so well with people from so many different interests.

Well here are some pictures of what we do around here & how they help me cope with life ;)


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