Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bookstore happenings!

As I woke up this morning to a lovely telephone call from my friend A. Asking me when we were meeting for coffee... as he speaks to me in French my head is still turning and wondering why somebody is talking to me in French! Oh wait, I’m in France… I’m speaking French too! As soon as we set our date to have a quick lunch with some other friends, I decide to mentally gather all my strength to pull myself out of bed. My room is a mess… is the first thought that pops into my head. After a nice HOT shower I am pretty much ready for my day.

We all meet for lunch and have a great old time. As soon as we leave A & I decide to check out this second hand bookstore that is right by chez moi. I must say I am IN LOVE! The store has the little painted title in French on the window in a baby blue… it reminds me of Paris! We walk into this tiny store that I am pretty sure is only slightly bigger than my room, which isn’t much! It has books from ceiling to floor! I am surrounded by my favorite authors & my eyes are going crazy trying to look at every book title and my mind is in Utopia! I found love at first sight… A beautiful copy of Fables de La Fontaine, the cover is peach can I say more!

A & I find this box that says “Vielles papiers” as we open the old tin box we are so excited because it is full of old post cards, old pictures, old letters, etc. We find a bunch of pictures that on the back says “Mexico” as he shows them to me the man working the shop tells us the story about these crazy pictures from the 70’s. We kept rifling through the little tin box and kept the things that were begging for our attention & decided to buy them. As soon as I pay my 8euros for my goods the clerk moves from around the corner and was asking me where I had seen “L’Alchemiste” by Paulo Cohelo. As soon as I show him where the book is in a huge pile of books he extracts it from the pile and gives me the copy. I have no idea what he was telling me until A explained that he was GIVING me the book because I was discussing it earlier with A.

We walk out into the beautiful sunshine with our goods and my free goodie too. I am ‘choquĂ©’ because who gives people books for free just because that person was talking about it!? Anyway as we head to the beautiful park, my favorite, I love the smell of flowers in the air and the crisp breeze moving my locks about. We meet up with our French friends and see them play soccer for 30 minutes & as soon as A & I meet up with H, off we go to teach English!

What a marvelous day!


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