Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gobble gobble

As I have been keeping busy preparing a lesson plan for my english students about Thanksgiving and how it is celebrated in America. It has got me thinking and reminiscing about my Thanksgivings or Turkey days that I have spent close to my family and friends! It makes me sad that this year I wont be close to the people that most matter to me eating round the big, dark wood dinning room table that I have had many Thanksgivings at before, I remember that table since I was very very young! 

I remember sitting by the fire with my cousins just chatting about our lives. When we were younger we would sit and play checkers or battleship and as we grew up the games got put away and we started talking about how are lives have evolved and now we are all in our adulthood... As we sat by that fire we would smell pumpkin pies baking in the oven and listening to the common holiday dispute as well as hearing my Aunt shooing people out of the kitchen and asking "Honey, I need you to go to the store..." while you hear the moan in the living room with the sound of the football game in the background! 

My top 3 favorite things about thanksgiving with my family are::

[one] - pumpkin pie! or my aunt's pumpkin pie twist dish

[two] - Macy's Day parade! I remember watching that with my Great-grandmother every year! 

[three] - Feeling my belly full of delicious food and being all warm and feeling safe around my family! It's a comfort to think that you are still pretty much a child with your family but in the real world you are an adult! 

Well, I know thanksgiving is pretty far off but I might have to plan to at least bake a pumpkin pie in memory of my family. I miss you guys

p.s. Thanks Breah for the leftovers last year! I miss your face! 


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