Wednesday, October 20, 2010

La Grève!

As I may salute the French for their amazing wines, cheeses, architecture, art, fashion sense, quality of life, bread, etc. As you see the list goes on and on. There is one thing that has been driving me crazy:: Grèves. Grèves is a fancy French word that means Strikes! Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, the French love to strike. Do not get me wrong; I fully support anybody willing to voice their opinion because they don’t trust their government! They shouldn’t be so trustful as us American’s are. However, these so called “grèves” are starting to intervene with my way of living… I guess that is normal. I believe this is my 7th or 8th strike to survive since I have been in France… I have been in France for what? 2 months!

Well lets just say yesterday was not the first time French strikes have intervened in my daily routine however, yesterday was the first day that it made me pretty angry.

As I rushed out of class at 15h30 [3:30p.m.] to the bus stop because I only had one hour to take a 40 min bus grab a quick bite to eat and rush to my other faculty… mission impossible! Well, after 20 minutes of waiting for the bus, I knew that eating was out of the question. After 40 minutes I knew school was out of the question. After 1 hour I knew the bus was out of the question.

So there I was walking in the lovely 8-degree C  weather [43 F] with my boots that lets just say aren’t really made for hour long walks. However, I must say what did make the walk worth while was the fact that I saw tons of Police Nationale vehicles covered in eggs, egg yolk, egg shells, egg goo! The police that looked like knights dressed up in their getup with pads and shields were covered in egg goo too! It was one of the best sights I have ever seen.

As I arrived to the residency I was famished, cold, and tired. I started cooking and my kitchen was on strike too… the day wasn’t going too great. Having a pile of laundry, a pile of homework, a pile of emails, etc. Well, now I got that all organized.

I’m on strike against strikes. I feel this contradicts its self so lets just say I’m boycotting strikes! All I have to say, is now I completely understand Zazie in "Zazie dans le métro" I know why people go so crazy without public transportation. It is something you rely on, and when it's gone there are just hundreds of people in the street which means "Madness" 


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