Sunday, October 31, 2010

The lessons I've learned [part one]

Most people that know me very well, are aware that I am not the most “outdoorsy” person in the world. I am in fact quite the opposite. I like modern technology, I love plumbing, & I love heaters and air conditioners. I mean there are plenty of scientists that wasted years of their life to give us the “necessities” of today, why should we not take full comfort in them?

However, as much as a city girl as I am, I am not a delicate one. I don’t mind getting dirty from time to time, yes it’s true I prefer to have my nose in a book rather than in the dirt but hey, everyone has their preferences, right? Yet, Switzerland has taught me a few things about this subject. It has truly taught me to appreciate the nature around me. I guess I never had this feeling before because all the places I have lived before are either too hot, too ugly or just plain boring.

Being nestled in an ancient/remodeled farmhouse in the little village of Urtenen, I learned to love to take over hour-long walks, exploring the nature around me, roaming through the forest. So whenever I am in Switzerland I am always enticed by its beautiful scenery and its snow peaked mountains. It just makes me want to frolic in the fields & meadows.



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