Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This trip to Bern to visit my family we took a mini expedition on Saturday. We went to a place in the “mountains” [mountains are in “” because they look like Hills compared to the huge snow peaked mountains that surrounded us, yet they are MOUNTAINS if you compare it to the perspective of Oklahoma] Anyway, this place had the different types of Farmhouses, Barns, Chalets, Churches from different areas in Switzerland. My uncle has been asking me to go with him to this place for a year now, and each time I replied “no”, because walking around outside looking at different style houses never really caught my attention. So I was tricked to go this time. 

However, it was nice. Yes, the houses were nice and whatever but I was more enthused to be within the woods of color ranging from orange to gold. I actually got to see a brown squirrel [and if you know me, that’s my favorite animal] He was so fluffy and cute with a white belly, he was huge though compared to the squirrels in Oklahoma. Getting back on track, who would have known that the city Girl would prefer to be tracking in the forests than looking in old houses?! I must say Switzerland has changed me.

Well here are some pictures for you to see why this City girl has changed so drastically!


This is one of my favorite ones

I pet her, she was precious!

My ticket "Student", not for too much longer!

<3 naoma

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