Friday, November 12, 2010

The girl in the Yellow Coat...

As I have been feeling homesick these past few days... today semi changed around. 

I woke up to a txt message from a good friend saying that he was at our favorite coffee shop around the corner and was waiting for me. I dragged myself out of bed and threw on some clothes and ran off to a deliciously, hot, black, yet sweet, french espresso [see that people it's eSpreSSO, not eXpreXo, get it right!]  Okay, off my old Starbucks rants. We talked for about an hour and each parted our own ways. I came home and popped in the Xmas carols... um, yes Please! 

I recommenced my knitting project, which is almost done. [I'll put some pictures up tomorrow.] After about an hour I sent my good friend V a txt message saying that E, Y & I were going to go do some shopping around 14 [2 p.m.] so that her and her sister could join us. 10 minutes later she & her sister burst into my room and persuaded me to go out to eat with them to a nice restaurant... why not treat myself today? It's exactly what the Doctor prescribed! As we are about to leave, our friend Y appears at my door and says; "What the heck, sure!" So off we go the four of us to have  a delicious french meal. 

To start off, Ficelles Picardes, which have become one of my favorite food items! Crèpes wrapped with ham, mushrooms crème, and fondued cheese on top... do I hear a "Yum!"? Because I should! Next platter, a delicious chicken in some sort of bernaise crème, I know my mouth is just watering by thinking about it. After stuffing our faces we decide that a nice walk would do us good to help the digestion process. 

We find our other friend E & we are on the street des magasins [stores] "Les trois caillous" Off on a hunt for a nice warm coat... I find a beautiful mustardy-yellow girly coat which was love at first sight. Yes, I will be known as the girl in the Yellow coat! Proud of it too! We found another friend D who walked around with us in all the stores, I have to give him a shout out because I'm sure it isn't too much fun to walk around with 3 girls from store to store. He he! We decide to wrap up our afternoon around 17h30 [5:30 p.m.] in a tiny café. I finished it off with a delicious café [yes, another espresso, my third today.] while everyone else drank chocolat chaud! 

<3 naoma
[this is kind of the color] 

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