Friday, November 19, 2010

Houston, do you read me?

Sorry, these past few days I have been a bit out of touch! I have been keeping busy with studying for tests, going out with friends, doing homework that I barely understand, knitting, being nostalgic [comme d’habitude par novembre [[as usual for November]]], writing letters, cooking, and dealing with a pile of paper work to be able to stay here another semester… as you can see it isn’t easy to keep up with the blog!

I’m putting these pictures up of some of the things such as these beautifully decorated letters to family and friends. You see I haven’t been able to find a stationary set that I like so much here so I decorate myself. 

The park, one of my favorite places here!

This is one of my favorite pictures…

My place where I come to think, the little park behind the Cathedral! 

I have a lot of projects up my sleeve!

Stay tuned!!


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  1. Hey Naoma,
    It is Ashlee! I sent you a letter in the mail! I hope you get it soon!