Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Sick Weekend

Sick days aren’t fun for most, and when I lived in the States… well I loved them! Mainly because it was like break from my chaotic life, yet here my life isn’t as chaotic as it was there! So sick days are rather lonesome especially when you are thousands of miles away from home and family. I am very thankful for having such wonderful friends here who have made me fresh squeeze orange juice [Thanks V] or friends that have made me a delicious lunch [Thanks Y]

Well, this sick weekend I have decided to stay in [duh! To get better] and have been watching Disney movies, reminiscing on childhood dreams, I have also been reading my favorite Author:: Jane Austen! She was a simply divine writer. And of course, I have been knitting like crazy. I just need about 12 tabby cats and would be considered an old lady. And yes, all of my friends make fun of me for listening to Xmas Carols while knitting! I can’t help it. I am sick, not only physically but mentally as well… I am super home sick! I love and miss you all back home! Please don’t forget me!

These are the bows for New Year’s that we are going to wear on our jacket pockets =) 

<3 naoma


  1. girlfriend. so sorry to hear you are sick! but sometimes staying in and having an excuse to watch disney, listen to xmas music, knit and read is like medicine for the soul! i get more and more homesick by the day, i completely know how you feel. we just have to remember, we are in france! living our dreams! thank goodness for skype, can you imagine how hard it would be to have to rely on snail mail (though oober romantic and fun!)? anyway, feel better soon my french sister!