Thursday, December 16, 2010

Half Point Part I

Today is my 6-month anniversary in Europe. I left US territory 6 months ago… it seems like such a long time ago! Since that day, I have seen, explored, partied, studied, cried, laughed, got homesickness and culture shock badly and other times just loved my life in France. The funny thing about this… is that I am on a train to Switzerland right now to spend Christmas with my American/German side of the family. It will be so much fun and very weird. This is the first time I haven’t spent Christmas at my Aunt’s house in 5 years!

Christmas at my Aunt’s is like the north pole! We bake cookies and are always munching on something Christmas-y, I get to play elf and wrap all the gifts [BTW I’m gonna start charging] We listen to Christmas music… etc, etc. Christmas so far has been well not really Christmas-y. I mean I have been listening to Xmas carols since November 1st, my little French town had a huge “Marché de Noël” [Christmas Market] with lights everywhere… and I still haven’t been too much in the mood. I think it’s because I have my friends who have been like my family here but Family is where the home is… and I’m not home. I’m looking forward to next Christmas back home though.

Come back tomorrow to check out the part II


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