Wednesday, December 29, 2010


As the New Year hones in on us… it’s an end of an era and a beginning too. Well around this time of year I always get to ponder… about different things about my life. Things that I need to change.. Things that I like… things that I would like to do… talents I would like to pursue… it’s a time to focus on me. Yes, that might sound selfish, but I think that we all need to be a bit selfish from time to time to be able to revamp ourselves so that we can be generous and thoughtful about others. Just most people are in denial about it… well, I am not!

While I was pondering last night thinking of New Year’s Resolutions and what I need to focus on… I decided with some of these:

-Start doing yoga three times a week to relax and not feel out of shape at 22!
-I really need to whip out my camera more often… therefore. A picture[s] a day will be add to this blog to keep my talent going. If anybody has any suggestions about themes or things they would like to see in France please e-mail me your suggestions [naomasm88[at]gmail[dot]com]
-I need to re-energize my reading habits.. the computer is starting to take over my life and I don’t like that because I feel that everything is passing by me. Therefore I will be reading at least one book a month. If you have suggestions again e-mail me… look up.
-Last but not least… I will start January 1st off with a 30 day blog challenge to improve my writing skills. Also, to let you know a bit about me…

Now that I have told you my New Year’s Resolutions… have you thought about yours? 


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  1. todo muy creativo te secundo y me uno

    ademas quiero ver y leer lo que fotografies y escribas
    creo que lo mas importante el levantar el culo de la silla del ordenador