Thursday, December 30, 2010


What is it about traveling that just makes you giddy in the morning of travel day? It could be the fact that you want things to run smoothly so you don’t have any problems or delays in getting to your train, bus, plane or boat on time. Me, personally, I love that giddy feeling. Yes, you are stressing about it in the beginning especially if your departure is early and you are like me and wake up around 11 a.m. on average. [I need to fix that habit]

I am that weird person that loves airports. I love the chaos the knowing of going somewhere else… of getting away for a bit and the knowing of going back home to loved ones. I love to fly, I think flying is one of the greatest experiences ever… sure I am not too psyched about the uncomfortable seats and the squished feeling you get on overnight flights.

However, since I have been in Europe… I have traveled a lot more by train than by plane. I like both forms of travel for different reasons. Planes, well they are a lot quicker and I love that feeling when you are landing that your stomach goes up and then settles when you feel all the wheels steady on the ground. Yet, there is just something “romantic” about trains. The views you get as everything speeds past, the large comfy seats, the fact that you can move about freely… and definite plus is there is no airport security and no max on weight on luggage! One other thing about trains, the overnight trains are most definitely comfier than overnight planes without having to be in “business class” or “first class”

Now, that we are on the subject of trains. One of my goals is to take the Tran Siberian Train from either St. Petersburg to Beijing or vice versa. One week on a nice train and you pass right through Russia! That would be A-mazing. And, yes, I have seen “Transiberia” Awful movie but I guess it could happen… I will be careful if my goal is fulfilled. 


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