Sunday, December 19, 2010

Things I have learned. Part III

Things that I have truly realized/learned these past six months::
-                      A whole lot more French… Thank God!
-                       I have realized that traveling is such an important thing in life, it truly opens your eyes to what else is out there in the world!
-                      Friends you travel with will either be your friends for life or you will end up hating each other.
-                       The French system is always COMPLICATED. There are just different levels of complication: a bit of paperwork [about 10 pages] it’s a process [a bit of paperwork & then running around different places to get stamps and what not.] & mission impossible [sum up a bit of paper work and it’s a process and then add waiting around 3 months for your money because they messed up because when you put your address in the forms and it says “Pays” which means “Country” and if you put “France” France doesn’t recognize it! WHAT!? ! ?] That actually happened yesterday blog post about that tomorrow.
-                        France likes to torture students by giving them 4 hour-long final exams and that is all worth your grade [no back up plans such as attendance, homework, presentations, other tests, nope… just a long final!]
-                           I’ve learned that people appreciate my humor more in Europe. I think that might be because they are rather cold hearted and my jokes sound like I’m cold hearted even though I’m not… well about certain things.
-                             Last but not least, France has taught me to be an Organized Freak! To an extreme. I have pen colors for certain notes. Enough said.


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  1. hahaha, you make me laugh. I'll always understand your humor -_^