Monday, December 20, 2010

The Train Dilemma!

On November 14th, 2010 I bought my train tickets to go to Bern and back for Christmas. I was to leave December 16th and be back in Amiens the 30th. I bought the tickets online and have them mailed to me. Well December 1st arrived and I was still pretty worried about my tickets not arriving. So I grabbed my friend A [his French is better] so we went to the Train Station to be like “What the $^@$^#%^&#$%@%? Where are my tickets fool!?”  Well, the man was very nice and said that there was still time for the tickets to arrive so to wait it out until around December 12th and if I didn’t receive them that he would have to repurchase the tickets and then print them off and make a refund. So, I was like ok… I waited and waited. December 14th, still no ticket. So A and I go back to the train station and get this lady that was… well… French. A gave her a bit of attitude and she seemed to start cooperating with us. She was like “Ok, we can buy the tickets again and make the refund.” Sweet!!!!

It’s complicated, and if you have read this then you know what “it’s complicated” means. Here is your paper work to file out. Once you have completed your trip, that means be back on the 30th you leave this in Paris, and explain what has happened and then they will deposit your money back to you… Ok, not too bad… except this next question really did it. “So how long will it take to get the money back?” “About 2 to 3 months.” TWO TO THREE MONTHS!? EXCUSE ME. We aren’t talking about a 20 Euro trip here, this trip was 145 Euros that I had to pay twice and now have to wait 3 months to receive my reimbursement!

The great part is this…
The reason they think I didn’t receive my tickets was because when I filled out my French address, so they could mail me the tickets. Where it asked for your country… I put France, duh! Well I guess the SNCF [French Train company] computers don’t like when you put France as the country because they assume you are in France so they double read France. Very confusing. French systems are extremely complicated. I will never complain about paper work in the states again. Doing your taxes by hand is easier than the French system!

So now, I have to wait 3 months. I guess I’m getting an extra cash bonus in March or something.


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  1. Hahaha I love that...I can totally imagine you saying to the SNCF woman 'WHERE IS MY TICKET FOOL!!??'