Friday, January 14, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 10

Here is where the gushiness comes out! First Kiss? First Love?

Well, I guess it is safe to say that these are some of the most important first's right? Who doesn't remember their first kiss or their first love? They mark you for life or in some cases scar you. I know some of you ar probably wanting all the gooey details of these questions, but I will spare you. Or shall I say save myself?

I remember my frist kiss being on a chilly December day with an ex-boyfriend [Obviously and ex...] It was an outer body experience. It's that moment when you think "Is this really happening to me!?" We all know those moments. Like when we are in a car crash, we are in a state of shock that we think our mind is so powerful that it is just making all of this up and makes our heart pound and our body shake and we feel like a flame has just swallowed us alive. Do you know what I am talking about, or am I alone on this one? 

The first love, we all say we have had them, and most of us have... however, you KNOW if you have been in love. You see, I thought I had been in love at least twice before I met my frist real love. After meeting him, I knew that everything I had to compare were just flings. I cannot compare the ease of falling for someone so hard with the other boys who had never even managed to nudge their way into my heart like this boy. 

My life has never been a terribly romantic story [until these past 4 years] and I always secretly wanted it to be, like any other girl, but also never felt comfortable with those "pet" names, do you know what I mean? I was always the kind of cold, distant. don't show affection, don't hug me/kiss me in public kind of girl. But after "him" I never cared if he held my hand as we walked together, I never cared if he called me those pet names [which I shall not mention because most of them are beyond embarrassing] I was never cold toward him, at least not as cold as I had been with the ones before.

Before I knew it, I was head over heels, blindly, in love with a boy I met my second day of Freshman year in College. Of course, all relationships have their up's and down's but we still managed to stick to it. I will not tell you the rest or what happened or what didn't happen. I will simply end this post by saying:

"Your first real love never leaves you, they always take a piece of your heart with the and if you are lucky enough they will take care of that little piece and maybe when the time is right he or she will give you back that piece or simply just keep it as a lovely souvenir."



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  2. oh, i cam remember my first kiss :)
    you're right, i felt like your was
    is this realy happen to me?? haha
    really like your blog, i'll follow you
    hope you visit and follow me back ;)

  3. Hi Naoma, love the colour combinations you use on your blog. Your writing skills are great by the way. I remembered my fist kiss for sure. We played kissing touchers lol..

    Love Polli blog