Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 11

Many of the people that read this blog know me. But I guess this is for the people who don't know me or for the people who don't know me very well, which is many of you. I must share 15 interesting fact about me. That is hard. I consider myself an interesting person but mainly on a "how you get to know me" basis rather than I am this this this and that. I'm a hard person to pin point, but I guess everybody is! :)

[one]  I tend to dream in black and white
[two]  When I'm alone I think in english
[three]  I can almost speak three languages
[four] I cry [a lot] in sad movies
[five] I absolutely hate horror movies
[six] I also absolutely hate seafood!
[seven] My comfort foods are mashed potatoes & mac & cheese.
[eight] I have a creep magnet [I swear, creepy people just like to talk to me or follow me]
[nine] I have never dreamt of flying [is that weird?]
[ten] I can't stand hot milk unless there is chocolate in it.
[eleven] I've had more accidents than I can count and have no idea how I have survived some of them. 
[twelve] When I was little I tried to act like Pocahontas running in the woods [lets just say Disney lied, running barefoot in the forest while singing does not look that great!]
[thirteen] I used to hate pugs, but after "Pugsly" I can't wait until I can have one! 

[fourteen] I have never been to a six flags, disney anything, or sea-world in my life! 

[fifteen] I collect travel books [even for places that I have no plan on going within the next 5 years] 

See, I guess I'm not really too different from many people but I think we all like to think of ourselves as interesting people. I have never met one person who has wished to be "boring", have you? 

Now, I know this post isn't too philosophical or "interesting" but read me tomorrow and I will probably prove you wrong! 


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