Monday, January 17, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 12

I love when the blog challenge 'guide' says "Whatever tickles your fancy" Mainly because I am only on day 12 of this and I already feel married to this "challenge"  when it's just random questions that you ask someone when you are getting to know them. I'm starting to get sick of this old ball and chain and am getting frustrated when it says "Whatever tickles your fancy
I know! It's my blog, I can post 'whatever tickles my fancy' yet, I am stil determined to finish something I started. 

Isn't it crazy that most people never really finish every little thing they start! Do you finish everything? [be honest, I won't judge] I never had, actually I am so bad with this that almost half of the stuff I leave unfinished! Awful! I need to work on that. But, I guess there is most definitely always room for improvement. 
Why is it though, that we are always trying to change ourselves? Is it because so many of us are actually un-happy with the people that we are? Or is it just because everyone else is trying to change themselves that we just go along with it and find things to nit pick about ourselves? I'm not sure. Sure, I agree we always need to be improving ourselves and that we try to better ourselves, but wouldn't that be through reading [as in improving our minds] or cooking more often [to improve our skills] or even hanging out with friends [to improve our social skills]? Why do we always have to find something about ourselves that we don't like. I'm not saying that we are perfect, but what is perfect? 

Girls are always trying to be skinnier, more stylish, more 'perfect' and the boys are trying to become muscle-y, more 'manly'. We are always trying to seek 'perfection' when it doesn't exist. I mean, I know the pressure there is on girls to be a size -4 just so that people could hear their bones rattle. I don't want that. I've come to terms with my big hips and my strong legs [this is starting to sound like a Shakira song]   I have come to terms with my messy hair and my awkward laugh. I think all these things about us make us up. Somehow or another they affect us and form part of our 'personality'. I really like my personality and wouldn't want to change it... but I would like to improve it. How do I plan to do that? By reading for my mind, being with friends for my wit and doing whatever the heck I want for my freedom

[lets enjoy life! - picture taken over 5 years ago.]

On another note:: I'd like to welcome my new friend A.P. to France! :) 



  1. love this. so true! agreed - let's enjoy life.

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