Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 13

I'm sorry I've let these last two days slip. Been busy filling up my days with friends and explorations. I finally went into the Cathedral here, I know a sin. I've been here for so long and hadn't gone in, but now I have! Well to continue with the blog challenge that I WILL finish! 

"Where would you move to?" 
If you would have asked me this two years ago, I would have said "France, duh!" And now look. But now that I have been here, I do love it but I am ready for something new and exciting, a new country, a new language, new culture... I don't know. But no matter what countries I've been to or what cities I've visited, Paris just owns my heart. I have decided thought that I want to spend my entire life traveling around and exploring new things I will somehow end up in France. I know for a good part of my life I want to live in Paris. 

Paris just has something so amazing. It's a big city with tons of things to do but there is so much greenery, quite places and secret places that it can also be a small town. You still have the charm of going to the same cafĂ© and your boulangerie of a small town; like I have here in Amiens but there is just something about Paris that mixes both city and town. It's a romantic notion. The romantic notion of Paris, I know, will never flee me. 

Another idea I still toy with is to go to NYC. I know everyone at some point in their life [especially if they are in to theatrics] want to go there to become 'Big' I want to go to a 'Big' city and see the 'small' people. That would be fun for a while but I couldn't deal with the tiny place to live. 

Plus, after being in France for so much time I have gotten used to the calm, slow paced life style that they have here instead of the GO GO GO GO lifestyle of the states. I feel torn at times, I miss that feeling of having my planner completely booked and having tons of stuff to do but I also really love this lifestyle of just doing whatever you want that day. I just need to find a country where they have both.. :D 

Where would you live if you could choose any where in the world and why? 


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  1. there is definitely something to be said for a calm life here in this area!