Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 2

Now, that I've started to look through these questions they are a lot tougher to answer than one would think. This Blog Challenge will definitely be a challenge! Here is the first question : Day 1 

"What is your favorite movie?" 

Are you kidding me? That is like picking your favorite moment of your whole life. 

Let's see... I guess the movie that I always go to when I need some alone time is "Pride & Prejudice" the BBC edition. First of all because I love Jane Austen and there is just something so amazing about this book and the movie is made beautifully plus there is Colin Firth and it is set in Victorian times. 

When I need a good laugh I tend to go for "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"

However, the all time favorite romantic movie for me is "Sleepless in Seattle" [I know I am ├╝ber corny] 
But I think every girl has their soft spot that they just keep hidden a lot of the time. I just love Meg Ryan! 

What is your favorite movie? 


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