Monday, January 3, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 1

As promised, I will start the Blog Challenge! You should see how dedicated I am because today I've had a fever since 5 p.m. and have been sleeping and now I really need to study, and well... complete my goal with this here blog. :) [Sorry about the pictures, I haven't really had time to shoot since I have been studying and been sick.] 

Well the first question of this Blog Challenge is... "What is your favorite song?" That is one of the hardest questions anyone can ask. I have way too many.. just like everybody else. I guess I go through phases and moods... doesn't everybody? 

In October and November it is obligatory to listen to Death Cab for Cutie 
In December I have to listen to Christmas Carols from Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra
In February I tend to listen to Frank Sinatra & José Gonzales. 
In June I tend to listen to Kate Nash, Feist, or Regina Spektor. 

I guess lately... my favorite song has been "Wrapped up in Books" by Belle & Sebastian. Such a beautiful song and I probably feel just like that! Wrapped up in books from studying... taking a semester abroad... etc. 

What is your favorite song? And why is that? 

[P.S- Do you have a little weird phase thing like I do with months? Or am I on my own?]


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  1. You're right. It's too difficult just to have only one favorite. It's like that with movies, too. I'd have to pick one from each genre....and that would be a rather lengthy list I'm afraid. Haha. You're not weird. My "phases" are based on my mood and are sometimes also seasonal. :)