Friday, January 7, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 5

After a nice talk to one of my great friends he told me that he expected more out of this blog... I guess this blog challenge isn't just about posting your favorite song or your favorite book... but actually describing and making you write... they just provide the topic.

Writing has never really been a huge weakness of mine but, it can be one. So I am going to try to make these "just making conversation" questions a bit more interesting. 
I agree with him, who does just want to read what I like... but mainly understand. This is what this blog is about... understanding, right? Yes! Understanding my life here in France, understanding culture, understanding languages, understanding people, understanding tastes, understanding the ups & downs. So here you go... UNDERSTAND.

 I sometimes feel that I pour my deepest thoughts into this blog. All my fears, hopes, failures, expectations, loves, passions, etc. I share these treasures with you un-known and known readers more than what I share with someone when I'm in the flesh in front of them.

There is some sort of exhilarating feeling of just leaving your words hanging for people to read and hopefully understand what you are trying to say or maybe you, people, will one day encounter the same experiences I have had... or maybe some of them you will be lucky enough to not encounter! :)

Well, now... getting back to the Blog Challenge!

"Favorite Quote"

Can someone just live by one quote, I dare ask. I can't, I haven't, I won't and I refuse to. 
One is always in need of variety. You need fun quotes to live by, inspiring quotes, loving quotes, amiable quotes, serious quotes and maybe just a quote from your best friend.

However, I can only give you one. You may get other quotes if you keep reading this blog, after the days, the months, hey! Maybe even the years!

One quote that has always resonated with me has been ::

"Life isn't about finding's about creating yourself" - George Bernard Shaw

 [as you have seen on the side of my blog ---->] 

If you think about it, everyone can relate to this quote. We are here to make ourselves up from the ground and see where life takes us. Yet, this quote is so much more to me. 

Everybody has problems, I agree. However, there are so many people out there in the world that choose to blame their parents, teachers, peers, friends, etc. for how their life has turned out because they aren't willing to take responsibility. I believe to become someone worthy in the world you need to hold yourself responsible first, then point fingers at others. We must accept that we can't do anything about the things that happened to us when we were six, we had no control over our lives. Now we do! Now... now I am the person I have Created! 
I have picked myself up, dusted myself off and held my head high.
I owe all of that to one person. Me. 

Not one person is to blame for the person you are... you have created that yourself whether you like it or not... and all I have to say::

If you don't like it... change it. 



  1. wait, did you write a quote? i think i'm missing it!!!
    here's to a fab 2011 of blogging :)

  2. I agree with you! Too many people do say it is their parents fault. I'm right there with you in saying it isn't true. I had all the wrong things happens to me as a kid. No mom, no dad and no one really to guide me. I can't blame them for being idiots. It's my responsibility to figure life out. :)

  3. I like the quote!! haha :)
    and yes, def tell me if you're in LU and i'll do the same for paris - mark hasn't been so we might be back!