Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 9

Today, I am supposed to post a picture I've taken. 
Well, I couldn't decide which one to post because I love them both. Not only because they are great monuments but because they represent my first trip to Paris, which was grand

The top picture, I hope you know, the Eiffel Tower! Now, on my first few trips to Paris I never went up to the top but here is the story of when I did go up to the top & also what happened that day! :) Good story, I promise. The picture below that one is taken from a Park view behind the Sacré Coeur! My favorite church in Paris... I know not many would say it would be there favorite but I'll tell you why it is mine and why these two places mean so much to me. 

First of all, living in Paris has been my dream since I was 7 years old! I know, what 7 year old already know where they want to live, well I did. I was never falling in the "normal" range though, so that should explain a lot. The story for me loving Paris is because my family nicknamed me "Coco" and most still call me that, pretty cute ou non? Well, when I was younger I despised my name and my nickname.. [that's the normal part of me] but my family tried to persuade me that "Coco" was a cute name and that there was a very famous designer "Coco Chanel." 
I became obsessed with finding more out about Chanel and I was determined to be a Fashion designer [not so determined now] well, as the years went by the nagging thought of Chanel and Paris over took my brain. At the age of eleven I started my studies in the french language. By the age of 15 I was determined to study abroad [goal accomplished] and have always been fascinated by Paris and I still am even though I've been there over 10 times [some don't really count because it's just changing train stations] and I still never grow tired of "La ville d'amour!

Before I went to Paris for the first time, many people said it might disappoint you. You have been dreaming of this city for over 10 years now and it can turn out to be the complete contrary to what you thought. Well let me just say something. Paris reaches every expectation and more! I always find myself having adventures in Paris and would kill to live there for the rest of my life! 

The Eiffel Tower, what an amazing monument. If you have never seen it.. make it a point to see it at least once in your life it is just jaw dropping! Its masculine and feminine and bulky and elegant it is just simply a-mazing! 

Now, the second picture::
This little park, I discovered it the summer of '09 and loved the day I was there. You can hear birds chirping and splashing in their baths, you can hear children running and laughing, you see the old couples that are still in love and it is just a bit of peace in such a chaotic city! I could spend every afternoon in the spring and summer with a book sitting on the same park bench I was the day I took this picture! 

I know one day, I will live in this beautiful city of love and city of lights. Where have you always dreamed of living or visiting? What goals have you accomplished with your life? What were your childhood dreams and are you still pursuing them? I am. You know why? Because when we were children we were more in tune with ourselves and didn't let the world influence us like it does now a days. I knew I would speak french and live in Paris... I'm half way there and know that within 10 years my address will have Paris, France at the end of it! 


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  1. Paris was quite cool!! We went to the top of the tower at night and it was sooo beautiful! And your Paris adventure in that other post sounds so ideal! Jealous you saw my bf, justin ;)