Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 8

It's funny that today should be "A picture of something that makes you angry/sad" Well, these are a few pictures that make me sad. As explained below. 

A few things that make me sad. My family, and all of my friends that I've met in France.

Now, why? 
Well, mainly because I haven't seen my family or my friends from the US of A in over 7 months! You might think that that really isn't too long but trust me.. you start to notice their absence. I miss our "aunt/niece" friday brunches or tea followed by manis and pedis. I miss catching up on our week because we are both so busy! I miss my uncle who has been one of the greatest father figures I could ask for. You have truly made me work hard and whether you knew it or not I always tried hard just to make you both proud. I miss both of you ohh so much! I can't wait to see y'all in 5 months!! :) 

My friends that I have met in France!!! You guys are so amazing! I am so happy to have met every single one of you. I know most of you leave either today or in a few days time but I just hope you know that you have changed my life in one way or another! I know that it is hard to say good bye but most good things must come to an end and we must simply remember the great times that we have had and remember the lessons that each of us taught one another! I hope I see all of you in the future... I am very curious to see how we all turn out! :) 

These are the things that make me a bit sad but not depressed. Why? Because life goes on and life always has something unexpected and great right around the corner! 

What makes you sad or makes you nostalgic?


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  1. aww, it was over a year since i went home when i was back over's great how things change but also not really. now i think i'm in a funk because i miss everyone :( but i sooo do agree about exciting things being right around the corner!