Monday, February 21, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 21

Before one realizes it... our life has flown by and we haven't done the things that we have really wanted to do. By these things, I mean the little details in life that we keep putting off because we believe we have time.. what if we don't? 

Anyway, I am here to share with you a new list. A list of goals/things that I must accomplish before reaching the age of 25. I have 25 things to fulfill before turning a quater of a century. Now, I have exactly 848 days to continue to do/complete these simple/daring/challenging/scary/funny/weird things.

[one] - Fly a Kite. Why? Why not? I believe I sometimes take life too seriously and need to re-live my childhood from time to time. 

[two] - Have my very own, private dark room in my house. 
[three] - Journaling. I must be disciplined and continue this. I find journaling therapeutic and helps me store my memories forever for whatever generations are to come [if any]
[four] - Learn how to Salsa
[five] - Start to learn German
[six] - Have an outline for my future book
[seven] - Have been/Started my Masters program.
[eight] - Travel to India.
[nine] - Return to Mexico to visit my family.
[ten] - Have my sister come stay with me for a summer.. :) 
[eleven] - I want to keep having pen pals over the world.
[twelve] - Buy a typewriter. I believe it is essential to return to the old way of typing... there is something so romantic about it. [I want to sit in the park and type with Iced Tea]
[thirteen] - If I am stable with my life I want to get a puppy! I'm not sure which kind yet but it will be adorable and spoiled rotten! 
[fourteen] - I want to take a cooking class.
[fifteen] - Bake! Bake! Bake! A whole lot more! Cup cakes galore! 
[sixteen] - Buy a good espresso machine, [like this one] because after being in France I can't go back and drink Starbucks hot coffee [only iced coffee] because it would be so gross, no offense guys.  
[seventeen] - Buy a polaroid camera.. even if I have to dig in every garage sale or whatever for one.
[eighteen] - Learn to order a 'gin & tonic with a cucumber' in six different languages... I've got three so far. 
[nineteen] - For one whole year not buy any brand new item of clothing. Only go vintage, that will be a challenge! 
[twenty] - Visit my close friends from this Study Abroad experience. I think it would be awesome to see them in their own countries. 
[twenty one] - Get my scuba diving licence! 
[twenty two] - I want to do a black and white photo shoot of interesting people. [So, if you want to have your picture taken contact me!]
[twenty three] - Go to Costa Rica, I want to see the Rain Forest and see the coffee plantations.
[twenty four] - Never let fear get in the way of doing something grand. [This one will be the most difficult!]
[twenty five] - Take a road trip with my best friend.. just Breah & I. 

Do you have any short term goals like these!? 


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  1. I thinkyour list is fabulous and very do-able!