Thursday, February 17, 2011

Refuge des Fondus

As promised, an entire blog post just about this amazing restaurant. I've been here several time after I was introduced to it by my amazing French Professor, W. 

This little quaint establishment is extremely cozy, hot, delicious, crazy, loud, chaotic, amazing all wrapped into one. I went Saturday night with 5 other friends of mine; An, Ar, H, R, E & I. [Wow that's all the vowels pretty much!] We had to wait in line for an hour to be seated for 6 people. It's France, this is normal and I've just come to terms with it. :) 

While in line we met some american's. Not just any American's. But the kind that make me embarrassed to say that I am half American kind of thing. They were a group of 5 or so and were going to be a group of 11. First off, they all arrived in Taxi [while the m├ętro was still running.] Puh-lease!! It's not that hard to get around... Anyway, so they are standing in front of us and the only American guy in the group turns to one of the girls and says "Ohh you can speak Russian, can't you?" she responds "yes.." and he says "Ohh, well you can understand Dutch and German pretty well since phonetically they are so similar with Russian." My friend, Ar, who is Dutch just turns around and makes the weirdest face.. my friend H, just starts pointing and laughing. I sometimes wish I had that ability, to just do whatever I wanted and not cared what people thought. 

Anyway, back to the restaurant. As soon as we were sitted, the waiter asks us whether we wanted red or white. three white, three red. Bottles, BABY BOTTLES, come out on the table, kir, munchies, and then our fondue! We choose the meat kind and the cheese kind. It was amazing. We were all fighting for our sporks! 

If you ever go to Paris.. you must go there! 


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