Friday, February 18, 2011

Thing's I've learned in Paris.

Now, this will probably be the most random post.. and that says a lot.

[one] - How to apply eye-liner to the top of the eye.. still feels weird to do it.. but I like it.

[two] - Vintage stores in Paris are way too tiny for as much stuff they have in there and how many people are in there as well.

[three] - plants can grow out of buildings

[four] - there is nothing like a good cup of coffee and people watch in Paris. It's amazing what you can see.

[five] - it's always a good idea to travel with boys, for whenever creepers try to 'seduce' you.. you have an instant made up boyfriend and you have living proof! :)

[Smallest house along the Seine]

[I felt like Amélie!]


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