Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Journal Entry no. 10

May 27th, 2011.
Sleep hasn’t been my friend lately; it doesn’t seem to arrive at an easy hour, yet it lets me lie there in the shadows of my tiny room until 5a.m. On May 16th, I finally managed to fall a slumber around 2a.m., which is quite amazing. Yet, has fate would have it… inspiration struck me like an arrow and this is what has come out of this inspirational hour:

“Why does inspiration always come in the middle of the night? Who knows, but I know the best thing you could do is obey it. Writing is so much simpler away from a computer, it’s natural, and it is soothing to hear the pen glide over the paper as if they have been separated for a long, long time maybe too long.
Writing is a sense of therapy I have… mainly because I always have a million thoughts running around my mind all day… mainly worrying about the future… even though I know I shouldn’t.”

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